the night shiffffttt *spm voice haha #imlame #andtired :(
I cant #girlcrushwhateverfuckingdayitis @cindy_mclovin
my exact thought, even when i was 5 or 6 haha #jigglypuff
so fly she should be in the sky w diamonds. little young thing, she like to do the tounge thing. at times she would play hard to get, fronting or something. She make me feel like the number 1 king. Run into her now, & will still catch a fun fling♪♪♪ #DOOM
how am i gonna make it tonight  #soooosleepy #graveyard
a group of people is called a hell
- Friedrice Nietzsche on Twitter (via nevver)

(via fuckscum)

where are we? 
Lol #METHODMAN  #itsraining
serio everyone should have the beats music app #quasimoto ♬♬♬
Morning cyph #sublime 
lol fuck
ready to gooooo #2ndjob #wutang 